Aeropress vs. Moka Pot: Which Do You Choose?

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Last updated: August 29, 2023
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When it comes to making a delicious cup of coffee, there is no shortage of methods out there on the market today. From traditional drip coffee to fancy French press, you can easily find a way to make a delectable cup of joe right in the comfort of your home.

Two of the most well-loved methods for making coffee at home are with a Moka pot and an Aeropress. These two methods make a stronger cup of coffee than traditional drip coffee but go about it in different ways. There is a huge debate of Moka pot vs. Aeropress in the world of coffee aficionados, however, which is precisely what we are going to discuss today. Once we have laid out the debate for you, you should be able to determine which method will make your morning coffee magnificent.

What is a Moka pot?

Aeropress vs. Moka Pot: Which Do You Choose?As the name would suggest, the Moka pot is a kettle-shaped device that is separated into two different chambers that can be screwed together. Once they are sealed together, a rubber gasket seals the connection between the two. This pot also has a small canister that coffee is added to before the brewing process.

How to brew with a Moka pot?

When brewing with a Moka pot Trusted Source Moka pot - Wikipedia The moka pot is a stove-top or electric coffee maker that brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee. , you first fill the coffee canister with coarsely ground coffee. Then, you add boiled water to the lower chamber. The top chamber needs to be added, and the entire conveyance needs to be placed on a hot burner. This will force the hot water up through the coffee grounds and brew a cup of coffee. The Moka pot needs to be removed from the burner once it starts to make a sputtering sound. The lower chamber should then be run under cold water, and you can pour out the coffee from the upper chamber. This completes the brewing process.


The very best thing about the Moka pot is its simplicity. Even if you have only ever used a drip coffee maker before, you shouldn’t have any issue getting used to this system of brewing. In fact, percolators are some of the most popular brewing methods around the world. Another big bonus of the Moka pot is that you can make more than one cup of coffee at a time. You will also be able to skip using any filters with this brewing system, which is a huge plus.


The biggest issue with the Moka pot is cleaning it. While it certainly isn’t the hardest brewing system to clean in the world, it isn’t the easiest either. The grounds have a tendency to get stuck in the canister, and you also need to be very careful to keep the larger chamber from accumulating a coffee residue over time. Since the Moka pot is made out of aluminum and steel, it can get very hot as well, which could result in a burn if you aren’t careful.

What is an Aeropress?

Aeropress vs. Moka Pot: Which Do You Choose?The Aeropress is a relative newcomer to the world of coffee brewing. This is a very basic system that can be used to make a single cup of coffee. It does this through an inverted brewing process that allows you to make it as strong or as weak as you desire. This system is also a very quick method, as it only takes about 2 minutes to finish a cup.

How to brew with an Aeropress?

You first need to heat up some water to boiling and grind your coffee. The beans should be ground to a medium level, which should produce grounds that are about the size of sea salt. Next, you assemble the two different pieces of the Aeropress Trusted Source AeroPress - Wikipedia The AeroPress is a manual coffeemaker invented by Alan Adler, founder of AeroPress, Inc. It consists of a cylindrical chamber, and a plunger with an airtight silicone seal, similar to a syringe. until the plunger is at the four. Then, you need to add your coffee. You can add as much or as little as you like depending on how bold you like your brew. After your coffee, you should pour in water until it reaches the three. This mixture should be allowed to sit for 30 seconds. You then stir the mixture and add more water until the entire chamber is full. This needs to then sit for 1 more minute and 30 seconds. Finally, you can place your cup on the top of the Aeropress and flip it over. You then need to push the plunger down until you have a delicious cup of coffee.


When it comes to the Aeropress, simplicity is the name of the game. It only has two different parts that are very easy to assemble and is simple to use. This system of brewing also works very quickly. It only takes about 2 minutes to brew a cup of coffee, which is great for anyone in a rush. Finally, this system is also quite easy to clean up. The grounds are easy to get out, and then the press only needs a quick rinse to keep it nice and clean.


The Aeropress is a wonderful way of brewing coffee. It is, however, somewhat limited in its capacity. While you can quickly make a cup of coffee, it might take too long to make multiple cups of coffee. If you are someone that lives in a house of coffee drinkers, this might not be the best method to make everyone’s morning brew.

So, which to choose? Factors to consider

So which of these brewing methods should you choose? There are lots of different factors to consider before you decide since you want to make sure you can get the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Ease of use

The beauty of both of these systems of brewing is that they are both extremely simple. Between the two, however, the Aeropress is much easier to use. You only need a bit of hot water and some ground coffee to make it work, while a Moka pot requires a stovetop as well.

Which makes stronger coffee?

With both of these coffee makers, you can make both strong and weak cups of coffee. All you have to do is adjust how much coffee you add to the mix, and you can easily alter the boldness of your brew. The Aeropress allows for a wider range of coffee being added, however, as it has a larger grounds chamber.

How long do they take to brew?

This is a bit of a loaded question. The Aeropress can brew a single cup of coffee in about 2 minutes. This gives it a big advantage if you are only making one cup of coffee. On the other hand, if you are looking to brew coffee for multiple folks, then the Moka pot is going to be a better system, even though it takes between 5 and 7 minutes to finish making coffee. In this case, you may be interested in our selection of the best Moka pots that offer up to 12-cup capacity.


Aeropress vs. Moka Pot: Which Do You Choose?While neither of these coffee makers is all that heavy, they are not equally portable. Due to their brewing processes, the Aeropress is much easier to bring along on a journey, simply because you only need to heat some water for it to work. The Moka pot requires a stovetop, which limits where and when you can use it to make a cup of coffee.


Both the Moka pot and the Aeropress cost about the same price, which is usually around $30. However, you need to take into account the additional cost for filters for the Aeropress into this equation as well. As such, the Moka pot is a better buy overall.

Ease of cleanup

As we mentioned above, the Aeropress is insanely easy to clean. All you need to do is take the pieces apart, remove the compressed grounds, and then rinse out both pieces. You can also wash them with soap and water as well, but this doesn’t need to be done every day. The Moka pot is a bit trickier to keep clean, thanks to its multiple pieces and brewing process.


Still have questions? These are some of the most frequently asked questions in the debate of Moka pot vs. Aeropress, so read on for any further clarification that you might need.

Can I make espresso with a Moka pot or an Aeropress?

The quick answer to this question is that, no, you cannot make a cup of espresso with either of these systems. They simply don’t create enough pressure for this to occur. The Moka pot, however, gets extremely close. In fact, it makes a cup of coffee that tastes so close to espresso that most folks won’t be able to tell the difference.

Which is more durable?

While the Aeropress is quite well made, it cannot stack up to the durability of the stainless steel and aluminum Moka pot. These materials will keep the Moka pot from dents and dings and also keep it looking like new for years to come, provided you clean it regularly.

Which is better for camping?

Aeropress vs. Moka Pot: Which Do You Choose?Both of these coffee makers are a great option for camping, as long as you have some way to heat your water, like a small camp stove. If space is at a premium, then the Aeropress will be a better option. If you have some room to spare and want to make enough coffee for your whole camping crew, the Moka pot is a great choice.

What coffee to use with a Moka pot and Aeropress?

The Moka pot is great for making bold cups of coffee that are close to espresso in their taste. As such, it works best with dark roasted whole beans ground down to medium fineness. For the Aeropress, you can pretty much use any coffee that you like, though medium roasted whole beans ground to a medium fineness will taste best.

Final thoughts

Of all the different brewing methods on the market, the Moka pot and Aeropress and both excellent systems for making a great cup of coffee. The Moka pot is better for making more coffee at a time, while the Aeropress works best if you are looking for a single cup at a time.

In the debate of Moka pot vs. Aeropress, you need to carefully consider what you are looking for in a new coffee maker. The ease of use, time to brew, and cost are just some of the factors you need to keep in mind. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide which maker will suit your lifestyle. No matter what, we are sure you are going to be making awesome coffee in no time at all!


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The moka pot is a stove-top or electric coffee maker that brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee.
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The AeroPress is a manual coffeemaker invented by Alan Adler, founder of AeroPress, Inc. It consists of a cylindrical chamber, and a plunger with an airtight silicone seal, similar to a syringe.

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