About Us

At CoffeeVibe, we believe that the best way to enjoy the ideal cup of coffee is through those products designed to make your morning cup of joe a perfect picture. We are dedicated to testing the most innovative and highest-quality coffee-related products on sale and making them available to our customers. Whether you’re looking for a coffee machine that can grind the perfect espresso, a coffee grinder to ensure your beans are always fresh, or a set of ceramic mugs for your morning cup is durable, we have it all. We strive to deliver only the best compilations of products to our customers so they can obtain the finest experience possible.

Our Team

Our team is highly knowledgeable and passionate about all coffee things. We have a wide range of experts in coffee brewing techniques, roast selection, and product reviews. Our reviewers have backgrounds in barista work, coffee farming and roasting, cafe management, and other aspects of the coffee industry. We are committed to finding the best coffee-related picks for our customers. Our writers, editors, and researchers work hard to ensure our reviews are accurate and unbiased. While our team is based in NY, we have writers and researchers from all over the world.

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Samanta Fryer
Samanta Fryer is our senior editor and content writer, at CoffeeVibe. Apart from writing and reading, she’s fond of the coffee brewing process and enjoys tasting new coffee flavors. She brings her experience to the table, as she’s been traveling to different cities to explore their coffee scene. Read More
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Ryan Hendricks
Ryan Hendricks is our tester, who puts products through their paces. He used to be a barista and is now a full-time coffee enthusiast. He’s always testing out new gadgets, machines, and beans to find the best of the best. Read More
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Natalie Brooks
Content manager
Natalie Brooks is our content strategist and managing editor at CoffeeVibe. She loves discovering new coffee trends and is a connoisseur when it comes to coffee tasting. With her expertise, she helps keep CoffeeVibe relevant and up-to-date with the latest products and trends in the industry. Read More
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Kelsey Davis
Multimedia editor
Kelsey Davis is our designer and multimedia editor. He loves creating visual designs with coffee as the main theme, such as illustrations and animations that help bring stories to life. With him on board, CoffeeVibe also produces high-quality videos that serve as both informative and entertaining. Read More

Why Trust Us?

Our team consists of big fans of coffee with years of experience in all aspects of the developing industry. We spend countless hours researching, tasting, and testing the latest products and now you can use our ready-to-go reviews. Our mania for coffee has enabled us to create a comprehensive database of information about the best coffee-related products available today.

We’re not sponsored by any coffee brand or company, so you can trust us to give unbiased, honest reviews. We prioritize customer satisfaction and value your input.

How Do We Do This?

We are always researching coffee products and content to ensure that our database is up-to-date. We also keep an eye on the latest developments in the industry so that we can offer you the most relevant information. Our team visits local coffee shops to taste new products, interviews baristas and experts, and reviews user feedback.

How Do We Earn?

We earn a commission from some of the products and services featured on our website through affiliate links. This way, we can keep the site running continuously, providing quality reviews. We are proud to be an affiliate of some of the top brands in the coffee industry and local coffee shops alike. However, our reviews are always unbiased and based exclusively on our genuine thoughts about the product or service. We would never sell our reputation for any form of compensation in an exchange for a positive review.

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For questions related to our website or products, please email us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help! Thank you for visiting CoffeeVibe!