Used Espresso Machines: Is It Worth to Buy?

In case you are looking for a used espresso machine for your home or office, we've collected the most reliable marketplaces, and useful tips on how to choose it.
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Last updated: August 09, 2023
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If you have always wanted to create your own coffee drinks at home like a professional barista, then consider buying a used espresso machine. You can find these used coffee machines online at a drastic discount, sometimes at 50% or more. Before buying, decide what kind of coffee drinks you would like to make at home and whether you suit a single boiler, dual boiler, or heat exchanger unit. Decide on the size of unit you want, and if you want a manual machine with a knob, you can pull it or a super-automatic machine with a digital display. You might also want to consider the size and kind of the grinder inside your used espresso machine, as the larger and less burred it is, the better the coffee flavor.

What are used (refurbished) espresso machines

A refurbished espresso machine Trusted Source Five Things to Consider When Purchasing A Refurbished Espresso Machine - Espresso Machine Experts Looking to buy an espresso machine but want big savings. Then buying a refurbished espresso machine will provide big savings. Here are five things to consider when purchasing a refurbished espresso machine. is one that has been returned to the manufacturer to be spruced up again for the resell market. Most coffee machines have to be returned within 30 days, so they are almost never in terrible shape but might have a few scratches or be missing accessories. Demo models and store display models so often end up for resale as refurbished coffee makers. You know you are getting a great deal when the sticker says ‘factory refurbished’ as it means the model has been inspected and tested.

How to choose a suitable used espresso machine

Before buying, consider what you need a refurbished espresso machine for. The commercial espresso machine you buy for a restaurant, café, church, or other facilities might be more manual and have more metal parts than those bought for smaller cafes or personal use. Some people pride themselves on having a big clunky relic of a machine at their home. However, this article was written for people who wish to purchase a second-hand coffee machine for personal use. Not sure whether or not you need an espresso machine or a regular coffee maker. There is helpful information about the difference between regular coffee, espresso coffee, and all its variants in this informative article.

Find a legitimate refurbished reseller

Used Espresso Machines: Is It Worth to Buy?Are you wondering where to buy a used espresso machine? Start by finding a legitimate seller. Yes, you can find used coffee machines, professional, commercial, and personal of all kinds on markets like Kijiji and Craigslist, but the keywords you are looking for when searching for a great reseller is a “factory refurbished”.

Sometimes your sought-after second-hand coffee machine is not available, and you must buy from a less well-known reseller. Basically, no matter what the size or popularity of the site, legitimate resellers share some characteristics. A reputable seller will have a thorough description of the used coffee machine along with several pictures and product brochure pages and only sell factory refurbished items. Some manufacturers also sell refurbished espresso makers direct. However, keep in mind that the second-hand coffee machines listed on the manufacturer’s site may not be as deeply discounted as those you find elsewhere.

Reputable resellers also ensure that the product is carefully packaged. If non-essential items that usually come with its new are missing, such as a milk frothing nozzle, a carafe, or water-testing strips, then that will also be noted in the description along with a reduced price. However, accessory-type items that are missing are usually available from the manufacturer unless the used espresso machine is a real antique.

Making sure shipping is free

Most legitimate refurbished sellers will pay for the shipping of your coffee machine if it is over a certain amount, such as $50 or $100. Occasionally you will run into a situation where the second-hand espresso machine is offered so cheaply that you don’t mind paying for shipping as it may have been factored into the final price.

Looking for warranty option as well

You know you are dealing with a reputable second-hand espresso machine dealer if they offer you a one-year warranty. Stay away from great deals with no warranty, and it is just “used” and not refurbished. Also, the sites mentioned in this article, such as 1st in coffee, Amazon, or Jura, would never offer up an unrefurbished coffee machine for sale in the first place.

The most reliable used espresso machine markets

It is quite possible to buy a second-hand coffee machine for personal, home, commercial or professional use at any of these sites.

1st in coffee

Used Espresso Machines: Is It Worth to Buy?This New Jersey company has been selling refurbished espresso machines for 20 years straight (since 2002). The 1st in coffee buying experience is about as user-friendly as it gets, will everything they can do for you outlined on the first page in big bullet points. If you buy a coffee machine here that is priced over $50.00, your shipping is free.

They also have a “Meet or Beat” pricing policy. If you see the same espresso machine on another site for less, show them the online proof, and they will lower their price to meet the competition. Just a note here, though, to make sure you don’t fall yourself beyond the free shipping. 1st in coffee also offers a year-long warranty on all refurbished machines, and you have 30 days to return. There is also a phone number to contact customer service.

Surfing around on the 1st in coffee site brought us up an example of the type of great refurbished super-automatic coffee machine deal to be found on Jura. The Refurbished Jura J80 Matte Black is a sophisticated and sleek machine with a colorful transistor display that makes great espresso with a markdown from its $2599.00 price tag to $1599.00. Yet another great deal that we discovered during a random search is a Refurbished Jura ENA micro that features an intelligent dual-head coffee spout, reduced from $1299.00 to $699.00.

  • User-friendly site
  • Shipping free on orders over $50
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Customer communication weak


Used Espresso Machines: Is It Worth to Buy?It’s hard to go wrong buying a used espresso machine from Amazon. They don’t sell anything but factory refurbished models from such well-established brands as De’Longhi, Nespresso, Mr. Coffee, Espressione, Gaggia, and more. Amazon generally has the most extensive inventory of used coffee machines online and at great prices. Usually, Amazon charges for shipping, but unlike some other sites, they do ship internationally. Amazon’s signature feature of “Discover Similar Items” makes it quite easy for you to do some comparison shopping and find the best model and price.

To search for any type of coffee-making machine at Amazon (including espresso), you need to type the words “Used Coffee Machines” into its search function. From there, you will be offered up the latest refurbished offerings, generally 70 or more sites. Amazon also has a “Frequently bought together” feature that helps you augment your second-hand espresso machine with any missing accessories or parts.

Amazon also offers free tech support and returns within 30 days of receipt. It does not always provide a warranty on refurbished coffee makers, and free shipping is usually only offered to customers in the U.S.

  • Large inventory
  • Intuitive Comparison Shopping
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Free Tech Support
  • Not always a warranty
  • Does not always offer free shipping



Used Espresso Machines: Is It Worth to Buy?Jura is a respected coffee machine manufacturer that often offers refurbished espresso machines at a fantastic cut-rate price. It has a whole page devoted to the purchase of refurbished. Jura offers a classification system that tells you exactly why the model was returned, how many times it was used (for example, “Less than 1000 cups”), and if the machine has any minor scuffs or scratches. You can also get notified via an email list when a new refurbished espresso machine is offered up for sale.

Jura offers its customers the best in returned machines, giving them an inspection that authorized JURA technicians complete. All their coffee machines come with a” Certified Factory Refurbished” sticker and a one-year warranty that includes parts and labor, as the Jura S8 has. Jura also makes sure you are shipped an Owner’s manual, and if you buy a super-automatic machine, you will be provided with a welcome kit that includes a 1kg bag of coffee beans.

  • Product History transparency
  • Certified Factory Refurbished
  • One Year Warranty with Parts and Labor
  • Free Coffee beans with Super automatic
  • Free Shipping Over $99.00
  • Does Not Ship to certain locations
  • No guarantee of Delivery Times

Other Online Stores

Our research turned up many other online stores selling interesting and more unique coffee machines but not necessarily that cheaply. Here is a brief shortlist of resellers you could check out for rarities or bargains.

  1. Whole latte love

Used Espresso Machines: Is It Worth to Buy?If you are wondering where to buy a refurbished coffee machine that is “like-in,” then Whole Latte Love is the place to look. It has a large inventory of options and a price that ranges from just a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Every brand you can imagine is on this site, and the first thing that pops up on the home page is a long list of 20 espresso coffee machine manufacturers, including Compak, Delonghi, Gaggia, Lavazza, Mazza Kony, and more

This site is also very user-friendly. The second you land on the home page, a customer service chat pops up and asks you if you need any help. You can also contact them by email and phone.

Whole latte love allows returns within 30 days, as well as a 6-month warranty that has quite a few terms and conditions compared to other used espresso machine reseller sites. Free shipping is also included.

  1. 1st Line

Used Espresso Machines: Is It Worth to Buy?One of the first things you deal with when you enter the 1st Line is a CAPTCHA test, as apparently, the 1st Line site likes to assure its security and identify you as a human. This means clicking on a series of pictures for three minutes may be too slow for some users, but at least you know that they are very particular about their web security. However, it is worth the fuss as 1st Line offers some great deals on refurbished espresso machines and equipment, including more unusual brands such as Electra Nivola and Acaso Dream that have funkier designs and colors. It is worth having a look here, but unlike other sites, there are rarely more than five or so refurbished coffee machines on here. Descriptions tell you when and why the product was returned and usually offer a 90 days parts and labor warranty that can only be used to fix the manufacturer’s defect. The terms and conditions offered with each sale are often quite limited with no returns or refunds, so you do take your chances when you buy second-hand from here.

  1. If you love coffee

Used Espresso Machines: Is It Worth to Buy?If you love coffee is a website that sells everything to do with coffee, including factory restored espresso machines from brands Jura, Saeco, and Delonghi. You might find the perfect machine here, but they are not cheap. Most are professional models that even discounted sell for $1000-$2000. If you are looking for a bargain on a very high-end brushed metal machine, you might find it here. The offerings in terms of parts and labor, and warranty also vary from machine to machine, with a Delonghi Magnifica having a 3-month warranty a Jura F7 having the Factory Warranty.

  1. Official manufacturer
Used Espresso Machines: Is It Worth to Buy?
Grind size chart.

Many espresso machine manufacturers also offer factory refurbished espresso machines, including Faema, Delonghi, Jura, Smeg, Gaggia, and others. Be aware that many of these models are often also offered from the official manufacturer on Amazon. Before you buy, you should look into whether or not the machine has an inbuilt grinder and, if not, what sort of grind size it can accommodate. If you are not familiar with features such as blade or burr grinders Trusted Source Burr Grinder vs Blade Grinder: What's The Difference?
– The Roasterie
If you drink coffee frequently you have probably heard about the need for utilizing a coffee grinder. But you probably didn’t know that there is a whole realm of possibilities when it comes to the different types of coffee grinders.
and how they prepare grinds for you, here is a Coffee Grind Size Chart for quick reference.

Final thoughts

Purchasing a  refurbished espresso maker is a great way to own and be able to make home-brewed espresso at your convenience without having to spend an enormous amount of money. However, you should ask yourself, “Do you even need an espresso maker?”  It depends on how strong you like coffee. According to this guide on how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee, you should stick with drip coffee if you want this most caffeine as a regular cup of drip coffee has 165 grams of caffeine while a shot of tall espresso only has 75 mg. So if you like a strong cup of java, a second-hand drip coffee maker might be a better idea or a machine that is super-automatic and can brew both coffee and espresso

Although you can get used espresso makers at a much-discounted price, it is imperative you purchase the machine from a certified and trusted reseller. This will assure you peace of mind when using a refurbished espresso machine. You may also be interested in our selection of the best espresso machines under 300 dollars, which won’t stretch you too much financially.


Five Things to Consider When Purchasing A Refurbished Espresso Machine - Espresso Machine Experts
Looking to buy an espresso machine but want big savings. Then buying a refurbished espresso machine will provide big savings. Here are five things to consider when purchasing a refurbished espresso machine.
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If you drink coffee frequently you have probably heard about the need for utilizing a coffee grinder. But you probably didn’t know that there is a whole realm of possibilities when it comes to the different types of coffee grinders.

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