Nespresso Caffeine Content: How Much Is It in Different Capsule Types?

This guide has everything you ever wanted to know about this popular group of coffee capsules, machines, and accessories.
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Last updated: August 17, 2023
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If you’re looking to find out about Nespresso caffeine content, you’ve come to the right place. Nespresso is a leading maker of coffee machines, coffee capsules, and coffee accessories, but there are so many unknowns that coffee lovers like you would like to know. So many questions are unanswered, like – what are Nespresso capsules? Is the caffeine in Nespresso pods stronger than normal coffee pods? What are the best Nespresso pods for Americano? 

Don’t worry. We have you covered. We’ve got all the details on Nespresso pods caffeine content so that you can know exactly how much caffeine you’re consuming at any one time when you enjoy these delicious beverages:

What Are Nespresso Capsules? 

Nespresso Caffeine Content: How Much Is It in Different Capsule Types?
Nespresso capsules are made by Nestle Nespresso SA, part of the Nestle Group; they can be inserted into a Nespresso machine to brew espresso and coffee.

Nespresso capsules can be called all kinds of different names depending on where you buy them. They can be coffee capsules, coffee containers, coffee pods, or Nespresso capsules, which generally mean the same thing. They are individual single-use capsules/ pods/ containers that contain around 5 or 6 grams of ground coffee beans of different strengths and origins. Those grounds sometimes contain extra flavorings and ingredients, too and the Nespresso capsule’s caffeine content varies depending on the type of capsule you use. 

Conveniently, the capsules can be used in both commercial and domestic environments with Nespresso pod suitable machines.


When you want to use a capsule, you place them in the machine, and they are pierced or opened inside the machine, processed, and then water is heated by the element and filtered through the grounds producing the amount of coffee needed for one cup. This process is the same regardless of whether you use pod or capsule, although they have some minor differences:

Coffee Pod and Coffee Capsules

A coffee pod is a paper sachet of types that contains espresso into pressed paper. Coffee capsules do the same thing as a pod, but they tend to be made from plastic or aluminum and have a metal top. They look a little bit like a tiny yogurt pot and generally produce more waste than coffee pods. 

Generally, pods, capsules, and pads are terms commonly used interchangeably when referring to any Nespresso item you use in a coffee machine but, these subtle differences are good to be aware of. 

The capsules, pods, and pads are produced in a few different factories across Switzerland predominantly, and they are sold across the world with coffee machines and accessories. 

What Affects the Intensity of Nespresso Capsules? 

Nespresso capsules are usually marked with an intensity marker that goes up to a level 13. 

The caffeine content of a Nespresso capsule is not directly related to the intensity of a Nespresso capsule coffee. This is because the roasting, concentration of the coffee, bitterness, body, and origin of the coffee all contribute to how it tastes. A very mellow bean can be high in caffeine, and vice versa, a very intense coffee can be low in caffeine or even decaf. 

What Affects the Caffeine in Nespresso?

The caffeine in Nespresso is affected by how much coffee is compacted into the capsule and which type of green coffee is placed in the capsule. All coffee beans start out as green coffee beans as part of their exciting journey from being grown to becoming your cup of coffee. 

Nespresso Original Caffeine Content

Nespresso Caffeine Content: How Much Is It in Different Capsule Types?
Original Line Nespresso capsules are designed to offer a rich coffee experience with a variety of flavors.

Nespresso Original caffeine capsules usually refer to the Original Line Nespresso capsules which are used in the Original Line machines that commonly feature on best Nespresso machine lists. The Nespresso original caffeine content of each capsule type, such as the Cosi, Volutto, and Firenze, tend to have anything from 55-65mg of caffeine in them, but the Espresso and Lungo capsules, such as the Tokyo or the Cape Town, usually have more at around 70-85mg. The only capsule that differs in this line is the Palermo Kazaa which has around 120mg of caffeine in it, which is nearly triple what is in a standard Nespresso capsule. 

If you’re a fan of the Nespresso Original Line capsule flavors, such as the incredibly popular Kazaar Intenso Dark Roast capsules, you’ll need to buy a coffee machine that works with this line. Many Nespresso machines are limited to certain lines of pods or capsules, and the OriginalLine continues to be a well-liked choice of machines and capsules amongst consumers.

Caffeine Content Chart

To help you understand how much caffeine is in Nespresso capsules at a glance, the Nespresso caffeine content chart below has the caffeine content of many popular capsules listed. It is important to note that the information is applicable when this article is published and can change or be slightly different depending on Nespresso product changes, how much water you use, brew time, and other factors. Nespresso caffeine content averages should only ever be used as a general guide: 

Espresso Ristretto Lungo
Original Pod Caffeine Content Original Pod Caffeine Content Original Pod Caffeine Content
India 105mg Palermo Kazaar 120 Cape Town Envivo  110mg
Corto 103mg Napoli 109mg Buenos Aires  104mg
Scuro 73mg Venezia 77mg Shanghai  82mg
Freddy Delicato 72mg Firenze Arpeggio 63mg Tokyo Vivalto  82mg
Nicaragua 65mg Roma 63mg Stockholm Fortissio  80mg
Indonesia 72mg Chiaro 49mg Vienna Linizio  75mg
Genova Livanto 64mg
Ethiopia 65mg
Volutto 64mg
Capriccio 64mg
Caramel Creme Brûlée 62mg
Vanilla Eclair 62mg
Cocoa Truffle 62mg
Cosi 60mg
Columbia 56mg
Freddo Intenso 56mg

*Decaffeinated – Most have under 3mg of caffeine content per capsule.

Nespresso Vertuo Caffeine Content

The Vertuo line for Nespresso is known for being quite elusive, with Nespresso themselves only offering wide averages for  Nespresso Vertuo caffeine content but nothing as specific as you will get with the capsules listed above. 

Caffeine Content Chart

Although there aren’t any total specifics with the numbers available from Nespresso in regards to the Nespresso Vertuo caffeine content, this table should give you a really good general idea of what the capsules contain when it comes to caffeine: 

Vertuo Pods Caffeine Content
Altissio, Voltesso 60 mg
Half Caffeinato 90mg
Hazelino Muffin, Caramel Cookie, Vanilla Custard Pie, Melozio, Odacio, Intenso, Stormio, Solelio, Elvazio, Giornio, Solelio, Arondio, Fortado, Diavolitto, Chiaro, Scuro 120-200mg
Alto Intenso XL, Dolce XL 220 – 350mg 

*Decaffeinated – Under 12mg caffeine.

It is important to note that the majority of Vertuo Nespresso single espresso capsules are about 60mg, and the doubles are about 200mg or less on average. However, in reality, Nespresso simply keeps exact amounts to itself, so if you need accurate Nespresso pod information, it is best to steer clear of this particular line.


What about Nespresso Decaf?

Nespresso decaf caffeine content is very low, averaging less than 6-12mg of caffeine in it overall, and that is because decaffeinated does not mean caffeine-free. It is simply impossible to remove all of the caffeine from coffee, which is explained well in this Healthline Youtube video. 

If you do need specific caffeine amounts, the best thing to do is avoid the Vertuo line, which, as we explained above, does have general amounts listed for the caffeinated and decaffeinated, but other lines are more specific. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Nespresso Machine

When you are considering which Nespresso machine to buy to enjoy the Nespresso coffee pods, there are a few considerations to make, including:

Estimate Your Budget

There is a huge range of Nespresso machines ranging from incredible models under 200 dollars, like this highly recommended Nespresso VertuoPlus by De’Longhi. There are also various middle range models and high range types which can move towards the 1000 dollar mark. Understanding your budget will help you select models within your price range.

Value the Convenience in Use

Nespresso machines for pods and capsules are perfect for people who want yummy, delicious coffee at home quickly and easily. You can also get types that offer you more of a ‘coffee making’ experience, so it depends on what you want to get out of your machine.

Think About the Number of Сups

Nespresso Caffeine Content: How Much Is It in Different Capsule Types?
If you want to get just one cup of coffee – Nespresso VertuoPlus, a single-serve coffee machine, is a great choice.

Most Nespresso pod and capsule machines offer the user the chance to make one coffee at a time because it is so quick and easy to do. However, if you plan to make multiple cups a day for a household, you should consider the durability of the product you want to buy so that it can keep up with the demand of your use.

Decide on the Type of Coffee

Some Nespresso machines are limited to the range of capsules they will accept. Overall, Vertuo machines have a huge range of coffee flavors, including the extremely popular Nespresso Espresso Diavolitto. So they tend to be a great choice if you want a lot of flavor choices with your machine. If you’re unsure, have a browse of compatible machines/ capsules with the products you have your eye on. For example, if you want to use the best Nespresso Americano capsules, it is essential to check the machine you are considering buying first so that you can get the coffee you like from the device you buy.

Check What Functions Do You Need

The functions of different Nespresso machines vary greatly. Some are complex, some have timers, some are super-simple – they all have different functionality. Checking that the product fits your needs is important to make the most of your purchase.

Pay Attention to the Dimensions

How much counter space do you have? Are you one of the 24% of New Yorkers Trusted Source U.S. residents living in apartments by state | Statista In 2019, approximately 24 percent of New Yorkers lived in apartments, whereas the same was only true for six percent of New Mexican residents. who live in an apartment? The fact is that many people don’t have a ton of room in their kitchen to store large coffee machines or lots of capsules or pods, for that matter.

If you have limited space in your home, it is essential to carefully check your new Nespresso machine’s dimensions before you buy it. 

Final Thoughts

Around 80% of Americans enjoy some form of caffeine every day, according to Healthline Trusted Source The Effects of Caffeine on Your Body | Healthline Caffeine can kick start your senses within 15 minutes. See exactly what caffeine does to your body with this interactive graphic. , and if you are one of the 80%, it makes sense to know how much caffeine you’re consuming in your coffee. Hopefully, all our information above has helped you feel a little clearer on the topic today so that you can choose your favorite capsules fully informed. 

Whether you’re pregnant and enjoying a decaffeinated Nespresso, or you need a strong and intense boost to your morning with a high caffeine Nespresso capsule, there really is a capsule for everyone. 

Now when you know Nespresso caffeine content, you can enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee!


U.S. residents living in apartments by state | Statista
In 2019, approximately 24 percent of New Yorkers lived in apartments, whereas the same was only true for six percent of New Mexican residents.
The Effects of Caffeine on Your Body | Healthline
Caffeine can kick start your senses within 15 minutes. See exactly what caffeine does to your body with this interactive graphic.

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