How to Make Chicory Coffee?

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Last updated: August 18, 2023
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Coffee is a staple of life around the world, whether it is enjoyed in the morning with breakfast or the afternoon with a sweet pastry. Most people do not realize that coffee doesn’t have to be made from coffee beans. Chicory root can be used instead of coffee beans, which many people enjoy even has health benefits. The coffee has been around for over 200 years and has been used to reduce caffeine intake when compared to a traditional cup of coffee.

The health benefits are just a bonus, which includes blood sugar benefits and even better gut health. Below will delve into how to make chicory root coffee.

What is chicory?

Chicory is a plant that has flowers and is related to the dandelion plant. Below are a few other things to note about chicory and the coffee it produces:

  • The roots of the plant are roasted, much like coffee beans, then ground to be brewed. The result is a drink that is extremely similar yet different from coffee that is commonly consumed.
  • You might have seen chicory before in a salad as it is used to add color for aesthetic/nutritional reasons. The flower is purple, which makes it quite easy to notice in a dish.
  • The taste is a bit nuttier than that of regular coffee. In fact, plenty of people mix their regular coffee to add extra flavor.
  • The drink became popular in the 1800s in France and has been used throughout history during coffee bean shortages. The drink with its French origins obviously became popular first in the United States in New Orleans.

Chicory coffee can replace your morning cup or be combined to offer the ultimate nutritional benefits. For those suffering from certain types of digestion issues, this could be a life-changer.

Benefits of chicory coffee

Chicory coffee has quite a few benefits making it a welcomed addition to anyone’s diet. Below are a few of the noted health benefits:

  • Chicory coffee is naturally caffeine-free, which makes it perfect for blending for those people that are caffeine sensitive.
  • Chicory root contains vitamin B6, so it can still give you a pep in your step.
  • Chicory has been shown to lower blood sugar levels when consumed regularly.
  • Fiber is a huge component of chicory, which makes it incredible for digestion.
  • For people that have trouble with pain, this drink can even help reduce inflammation in the body.

How to Make Chicory Coffee?

One aspect to note is that if you are pregnant, you should avoid this type of coffee. This could lead to a miscarriage or bleeding that impacts the health of the fetus. You should also consult your doctor if you have health issues, as adding anything to your diet should be approved with certain conditions.

Ingredients and tools needed to make chicory coffee

The ingredients and tools that you will need to make chicory coffee are very similar to those of making regular coffee. You will need a chicory root that can be picked or bought at the market. You will need coffee beans/grinds if you plan on making a blend of chicory root and traditional coffee. You will need a sharp knife at times, as these roots can be a nightmare to cut.

You are going to have to roast the chicory root, so make sure that you have a baking sheet along with an oven that can reach high temperatures. Then you are going to need a quality coffee grinder strong enough to grind the roots finely, much like that of coffee beans. Finally, you will need boiling water or to make the coffee the traditional way in a coffee maker.

How to make chicory coffee?

You can use a few different methods to make this coffee with tips and what you’ll need are included below:

  • You will need fresh chicory roots, a coffee grinder, coffee brewer, and coffee beans if you intend to make a blend.
  • Wash the roots then place out in the sun to dry. Cube the roots up as they can be difficult to peel, and this could result in a cut.
  • Set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit then wait until the roots have turned brown. Depending on the size of the cubes you chopping up, the time will differ.
  • Now it comes time to use your coffee grinder to grind up the roots to the same fine grounds like that of coffee.
  • Boil water and pour over the grounds. You can use a traditional coffee maker or boil the water yourself.

The process is quite simple but is more complicated than that of making traditional coffee. If you roast your coffee beans, then the only additional step is that of drying out the roots after they have been washed. You can pick chicory naturally, but the spring and the fall are the best times for it to be the freshest possible.

When to drink chicory coffee?

Drinking chicory coffee can be done at a point in the day that you would drink regular coffee. This root-based coffee can be a great replacement when craving a cup of coffee but worrying about having trouble falling asleep. Vitamin B6 will provide a great boost of energy, so if you are sensitive to chicory coffee, you should avoid drinking this before bed. Below are a few tips for enjoying your chicory coffee to the maximum:

  • A pastry can go great with the coffee, especially if the flavors complement the nutty and woody taste of chicory.
  • You can have the option of drinking the coffee cold as much like traditional coffee, and consumption methods differ greatly.
  • You can create a blend with your favorite traditional coffee and add milk or sugar when needed. Plenty of people do not think chicory needs additional flavor.

The answer is that there is no wrong time to drink chicory coffee unless you are pregnant!


How to Make Chicory Coffee?

Chicory coffee can change your morning routine while simultaneously allowing you to derive energy from vitamin B6 rather than caffeine. Caffeine is not healthy for everyone, so this can be the perfect substitute. Try a blend at first to see how much flavor the coffee from the ground up root offers. This coffee has been around for two centuries, with its popularity growing in the age of the consumer being more health-conscious.

Roasting and grinding up chicory root can easily be replaced by purchasing ground up chicory in the store. Take the time to look at another option for your morning or afternoon pick me up. A little sugar and milk are all that it takes to make chicory coffee taste good.

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